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Ascension Recruitment Services

Ascension Recruitment Services is an established firm and consists of executive search consultants who will work in close contact with clients to determine the exact qualifications and skills needed in candidates and interview them to ensure their experience and needs are appropriate for the job offered by our clients. Our executive search recruiters stay involved throughout the client interview and follow-up.

Our desire to provide quality customer service combined with the strength of our firm distinguishes us from other search firms. Adapting ourselves to the different hiring needs of each client enables us to provide premier candidates, thus establishing a sense of confidence and trust in the perspective of both the Clients and the Candidates.

We aim at reducing the overall recruitment cost and frequent need to hire, thus improving the efficiency of recruitment.

Ascension Recruitment Services will work closely with the clients to gain a complete understanding of their organization structure and working environment in order to provide the best candidate. We identify and select top talent whilst developing strategies, tactics and practical procedures that will help maximize your people-power, hence driving your business to success.

If you want to fill your company with smart ideas, then you will have to fill it with great people and that is exactly what Âscension Recruitment Services does. We help you get the right kind of person.

Our success depends upon the close professional relationship we have with our clients backed by a group of strong professionals having good knowledge about the market scenario.

If you need help in the war for talent, look no further than Ascension Recruitment Services.


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